Thursday, 28 August 2014

Goodbye To Company


As we live in a world which is ruled by the internet, it can be sometimes really hard to get away from it. As you can see, I couldn't ignore it, so threw my heart and soul into it! But however much I love the internet, sometimes it can take things away from you that you find familiar and comforting. And one of those things is my beloved Company Magazine.

In case you haven't heard, my favourite magazine Company will cease print publication, with their October issue being their final print issue before they go digital-only after 36 years. From the reaction from bloggers and readers alike on Twitter and other social media, I am not alone in saying how shocked and saddened I was by the news. It may sound corny, but Company was one of the reasons why I started blogging! I loved how supportive they were of bloggers and how they focused on fashion rather than gossip, and knowing that support base was there was very reassuring for me when I started out. Even the layout of the magazine reminded me of blogs that I read! The funny, witty text and collage style articles was a breath of fresh air amid formal print. 

This is the second magazine that I've loved that has gone digital-only; the first was Sugar (holla at ya if you remember Sugar!!!) who left the world of print in 2011 to head online at Sugarscape. And now that Company will be leaving too, I'm starting to get a bit worried. Worried that there will be a day when you walk into a shop and there are no magazines on the shelves. I've always been a traditionalist- I've fought the rise of the Kindle as my love for having a physical book in my hands was what I preferred. It's just not the same. And I find that I read more when I have paper in my hand instead of a machine. 

I've always looked up to Company. So many amazing bloggers have been featured in it, as well as my idol Zoella gracing their front cover as their first Youtuber cover star. One of my blogging goals is to appear in Company, and now I don't know whether that is possible anymore. But I will always love Company, despite the fact that I won't have that little thrill of buying the latest copy anymore. It will always be my little companion in my bag (on my phone) and I'm sure I will continue to be inspired by it whatever happens. 

So thank you Victoria White and your incredible team for creating such a fun, unique magazine that has been in my life for these past few years and for making me laugh, cry, and be inspired to be a better person! 

What will you miss most about Company?


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

NEW VIDEO: June + July Favourites

Better late than never! Before the summer's up and we head into my August Favourites and autumn *shudder*, here's what I've been loving over June and July! I'm sorry I didn't have a June Faves up for you guys, but I only had a few things and wanted to do a jam-packed video for you to enjoy! So...enjoy!

Also apologies for the random plane noises, it sucks when its warm so you have the windows open to film but then planes decide to join in the video too!

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What have you been loving this summer?


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Little Tips: How to declutter your wardrobe!

Oh hey there. I see you. Floundering in a mountain of clothes screaming ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ 10 minutes before you have to go out. And I feel your pain, because I on more than one occasion have done just that.


I recently treated myself to Dawn O’Porter’s This Old Thing book, inspired by her Channel 4 show of the same name. I am literally obsessed with it right now, a) because I love all things vintage, and b) because it is packed full with useful tips and tricks to help you with all things clothes. Whilst working my way through the book, I discovered a little check list on how to declutter your wardrobe. Now I have tried many methods before, but this one really caught my eye. Mainly because she gives the piles of clothes names, which, in my opinion, is so much more fun! It creates a fun experience out of a rather scary task. Don’t get me wrong, I think having a lot of clothes is a good thing, but I have realised that you have to really love every single piece of clothing. So I decided to give it a go and road test Dawn’s list for your enjoyment! Let me know if you also gave it a go, and whether it worked or not! So here’s how to declutter your wardrobe inspired by Dawn’s list (credit goes to her obvs) and how I got on with it!


  1. Open your wardrobe. The simple part. Well kinda. I have more than wardrobe, and several draws. But we’ll treat my room as one massive wardrobe.

  1. Take out the things you wear all the time and put them in the pile. Dawn calls this pile Gary. Say hi to Gary! Gary is your friend. (Other names available)

  1. Take out the things you love, but haven’t worn for ages. Put them on Gary, he won’t mind.

  1. Take out the things you like the idea of, but have never worn. Put them in a new pile called Dave.

  1. What’s left is what you get rid of. It helps if you close your eyes for this part, as you’ll starting spotting items and think ‘Oh but I might wear that at some point in the near unrealistic future’ when you know darn well that you won’t, and it’ll sit at the back of your wardrobe taking up the space that could be filled by that dress you’re after! Put them in a bin bag.

  1. Go back to Dave, he’s feeling a bit lonely. Try on all the things you love but have never worn and be brutal. There’s no point keeping it if you won’t love it as much as your fave jeans, for instance.

  1. Be honest and realistic. There’s a reason why you haven’t worn it yet, be it the colour, sizing, or the way the fabric falls. If that reason isn’t going to change, then get rid. This pencil skirt, for instance, was my aunt's and since she gave it to me I hadn't worn it. But after trying it on, I fell in love! It's so flattering, and is a great separate for evening! The embellished leaves and fringed beading on it just makes it so special! If I hadn't tried it on, I probably would have got rid of it, which would have been such a shame!

  1. Pop all the rejects from Dave into the bin bag, seal (so you can’t go rummaging back into it) and take to the charity shop. If you’ve got high end items then you can decide whether to sell them or not, but whatever method you choose, just get rid of it.

  1. Dawn said that you don’t have to name the bin bag. I disagree. I’m calling the bag Reggie.

Dawn also suggests you keep notice of what things you keep, what shapes, fabrics and styles you like as it’ll stop you from buying things you don’t like next time. And don’t duplicate things. There was on girl on This Old Thing who had a grey jumper section in her wardrobe. A GREY JUMPER SECTION! I cried internally at the lack of variety!

So thank you Dawn O’Porter for being a life saver at clearing wardrobes, and being generally awesome! It worked for me, did it work or you?

Did you try decluttering your wardrobe too? How did you get on?


Saturday, 9 August 2014

NEW VIDEO: #FashionHappy Film Competition!

This is my entry for the #FashionHappy Film Competition! Here I have a natter about my personal style, influences and my favourites items at the moment! If you want to find out some more information about the competition, you can have a look here!

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What makes you #fashionhappy?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Quiz wishlist

Quiz wishlist

This month’s wishlist is another brand focus one, and it’s all about Quiz! Quiz offers the latest fashion trends and must have fashion items for super affordable prices! As well as their fancy online fitting room and one page checkout, they do some fab clothes! Here’s what I’m loving from them at the moment:

Isn’t this adorable?! This screams 50’s glam with the halter-neck, nipped in waist and flared net underskirt. I’m a sucker for polka dots (yes, I know I already own two polka dot dresses but I need another one, okay?!) and I love the sweetheart neckline which is super flattering. I’ll be wearing this with wedges and a fedora to mix it up.

Everyone needs a classic black court shoe, right? Don’t be scared of the deep cut sides, they’re a great little detail that sets it apart from all the other black heels out there! I’ll be wearing these with a floaty top and skinny jeans.

I can’t get enough of floral prints. They are timeless, and personally I don’t think they’ll be going out of fashion anytime soon! You know for sure you’ll stand out from the crowd with this in-your-face-print and figure-hugging cut. This dress has padded cups and wide straps, so if you dare to go braless, you know for sure there won’t be any slip ups (or slip outs) ;) I’ll be wearing it with a mini satchel, sandals and minimal delicate bracelets.

The floral love continues. An essential for summer, I Iove the multi straps on this (great for hiding bra straps if you ask me! This also comes with a matching skirt but as an alternative I’ll be wearing it with high waisted shorts and flatforms.

Aaah the LBD. So many variations to choose from, yet such a staple! This is one of those dresses you can just throw on and go if you’re in a rush and you’ll still look fab, as the jewel embellishments around the neck mean you don’t need to accessorise! What a multitasker! I’ll be wearing it with chunky sandals and panama hat for a daytime look.

I seriously have a thing for these kind of boots. I also have a thing for tassles, so these boots are pretty much perfect in my eyes!!! The almond shape toe is great for us ladies with wide feet. I’ll be wearing it with a lace top, skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

My love affair with kimonos continues! Both my kimonos have white bases to them, so this pastel one would be a great addition to my (growing) collection! Super lightweight with oriental flower print, you shouldn't be without one of these this summer! Plus that fringe hem is so cute <3 I’ll be wearing it with a colour block playsuit and a body chain.

I literally can’t get over how stunning this dress is! The jeweled bodice just sells it for me, and the chiffon skirt creates a blurred silhouette. The shoulder straps are also detachable so if you feel like showing off your shoulders, you can! I’ll be wearing it with simple gold heels to let the dress do the talking!

What’s your favourite piece from the wishlist?


Monday, 4 August 2014

Shopcade review

Sometimes you can get a bit lost in a sea of fashion websites. They are all good in their own right, but sometimes they lack a sense of community. Shopcade is not one of those! The thing I love most about it is that you can get involved in it, creating different looks for example, as well as viewing new products on sale and keeping up to date with current trends.


There’s so much to explore- you can enter competitions, create lists of your favourite products, buy products or save them to wishlists as a handy hint to friends and family for present ideas, or you can just treat yourself!

You’re also rewarded for being a ‘Shopcader’. The more active you are, the more points you'll receive, and the more treats you'll get! You can redeem your points for products, gift cards and more.


As well as the website, they also have an app too! I find it really useful for looking for inspiration for different outfits, however sometimes you get some odd photos! I think that if they created some requirements for posting looks, that might filter out the odd ones!

If you’re looking for something specific, you can search different categories, brands users and deals to find what you want- really helpful if you’re trying to find that bag you saw on your friend but forgot to ask where it was from!


I’m still a bit of a newbie to it (my profile is looking a it empty at the moment) but I think Shopcade is a great way of keeping in touch with what’s going on in the fashion world! If you have Shopcade, my username is @georgieminter-brown

Do any of you have Shopcade? What do you think of it?

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Grabble x Andrew Barton #GrabAMakeover event

The lovely thing about blogging is that you meet some awesome people. And the Grabble lot are some of those people! They never fail to make me laugh and I look forward to every email I get from them! An email from Katie makes me smile every time ;) I recently had the honour of being invited to their Andrew Barton #GrabAMakeover event as a thank you for the support us bloggers have given them over this year. So fedora in hand (which I didn’t end up wearing that much as it was so hot!), I trundled down to Andrew’s salon in Covent Garden.

The lovely Andrew! Go on Katie, you eat that pizza! ;)
As soon as we stepped in the door we were greeted with a much needed Mahiki LIC (alcoholic ice lollies, need I say more?) and the cutest d├ęcor I have ever seen in a salon! The furry dog wallpaper, bowl lights, and full mirror work stations had my brain working on how I could incorporate these into my bedroom!

While the pampering was underway, we were kept well fed with endless supplies of Basilico pizza and Schweppes! The chicken pizza was the favourite of the night, and made an appearance in a fair few photos!

There was a lot packed into the little salon; we were given the choice of hair appointments with Andrew and his team, nails and massages with Gina Conway Aveda Salon, makeup by celebrity makeup artist Ariane Pool, teeth tips from The Dental Surgery and fashion with John Lewis.

The Andrew Barton gang certainly know their stuff! I’m desperately trying to grow my hair back to the length I had it last year (see my Learn To Love Again post to see what I mean) and I know my hair is long now but it’s a bit of a contrast for me from what it was like. I got a new hairdresser who decided a ‘trim’ meant take my hair from waist length to shoulder length. So I’m hunting down my old hairdresser Charlotte whose gone private as she really ‘knew’ my hair, if that’s a thing! But the AB gang gave me some great tips to deal with my hair as it is at the moment, so I’ll definitely be using my discount from them to treat myself at their salon!

I also had a much needed massage from the gals at Gina Conway which left me relaxed and smelling delish for the rest of the evening! I had been to a musical theatre audition the day before with an hour dance call so I was aching so much, but they sorted out the knots in my back J I was so comfortable I almost fell asleep!

I was drawn over to the John Lewis personal stylists when I caught sight of their new collection! I’m a bit like a magpie- I see sparkly things and I’m off! The first thing that caught my eye was this sequin jacket that has the most beautiful texture! If you run your hand over it the sequins change direction, so you can create patterns in it if you’re feeling creative! The rest of the collection was beautiful, with cobalt blues (my favourite!) and pastel pinks covering basics such as shirts and leather jackets. Jewels adorn collars and digital prints are coming out to play, much to my delight!

I also had a colour-matching session, where you are shown what groups of colours suit your skin tone. I can’t remember exactly the name of each group, but I was put in the group for ‘English Roses’- us pale-skinned, interesting people! It was so interesting to see how different colours really altered the look of your skin- with some colours reflecting off your skin while some made you look ill! The colours that did this to me were ones that I don’t normally choose/like anyway, so I got lucky with that! 

These were the colours that matched my skin tone best! Good job blue's my favourite colour!

As well as spoiling us ridiculously, there was also a raffle to raise money for the COSMIC Charity. We raised over £500 in one night, so I think we did pretty well there, and for such a good cause too!

Now the goody bag. WHERE TO BEGIN!! In my year of blogging, Grabble do some of the best goody bags, filled with so many amazing treats! So here's what I got (I warn you, this will be a long list!):

New flavoured teabags from TeaPigs, £40 worth of Gina Conway Spa vouchers (!!!)...

Healthy snacks from Urban Fruits (my new obsession atm), hair-care samples from Redken, and Pureology, and skincare samples from Philosophy...

Tons of Aveda products, Carven perfume and some yummy microwave Miso Tasty soup...

Non-alcoholic mojitos from Laimon Fresh, Worcester sauce and sundried tomato flavoured Propercorn , Viktor & Rolf perfume, Clarins cleanser and John Lewis Nail polish! Phew!

Courtesy of Grabble
Super awesome bloggers from left to right (I'm hiding at the back):
Katie, Em, Monica, Beth, Sarah and Emsy!

Courtesy of Grabble
I try and find this at every Grabble event, It's becoming a thing now! For evidence, see Kristiana Vasarina's post from our last event

Courtesy of Grabble
Me and the lovely Jessica! And our pizza ;)
Are any of you on Grabble? My username is georgiemb